ATTN: BUDGET UPDATE : Budget Activity has been completed and filing of Bill of Entry is available now through RES and Service Centers. There are changes in the service center and RES packages . Please click here to read the advisory for details and new BE message format is available under Download section at ICEGATE website. Users, who had filed document after 17:00 hrs on 01 Feb 2017 are requested to re-file the documents as per new changes.

Attention : CBEC launches IT tools ICETRAK and ICETAB for trade facilitation and faster clearances – To download ICETRAK, click here on your Android mobile phone.

Attention : ICEGATE services have been enabled on MFTP now. All the stakeholders on SFTP are to access services through MFTP. In case of any assistance, please contact ICEGATE Helpdesk.

Attention : ICEGATE common enquiry services are available at Home > Public Enquiries. For details click here

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